Bring out the best in your child! Confidence is the key to success

Confidence is the key to success; your child’s future is dependent on it. Confidence is essentially needed for your child to live a happy, contented, healthy, and successful life. When a child is raised as a confident individual, they are well prepared to face challenges of life at every stage, handling peer pressure, realizing their responsibilities and dealing with their emotions. 

 What brings their confidence to the next level is parents! Yes, It’s primarily you as a parent! 

Here are a few simple things that can help you built the confidence needed to compete in this modern challenging life.

Show your unconditional love

Your kids see themselves the way you see them, they are deeply impacted by how you believe in them. Always show love and affection even if they make mistakes. Help them learn from it and try not to use rude and harsh words, shaming, or sarcasm.

The way we see our kids (or the way our kids believe we see them) has a profound impact on the way they see themselves. Make it clear to your children that you love and care for them even when they make mistakes or poor decisions, and avoid harshly criticizing or shaming them.

Call them with their proper name 

It’s a great thing to address your child with their good name. This develops a sense of importance and self-esteem of their name and family. A generous look, a smile, and eye contact of parents grow their self-esteem. show they’re 

Assign them simple tasks according to their age

Besides their routine try to assign your child a simple and engaging task that makes them feel important, useful, and make them competent. When assigning little things use the word “special” as this simple word has its own bigger impact on confidence. Such Special tasks can be helping their pets or their sibling when needed, become a helping hand “assistant” while you cook, or, for a younger child, ask them to dress up themselves.

Play with them and make them the leader 

When you join your child in their game, they feel happy and important. Let them lead and start the game, this will bring the spirit in your child and encourage them to participate in games and activities fully. Enjoying their game will not only bring you joy and quality time with your child, but they will also feel skilled, talented, and valuable. 

Praise them Wisely

Do not overpraise your child. Instead, praise them on things that they feel earned. Things like games and academic activities and other tasks, always add a vote of confidence. Praising their efforts and motivate them to never give up and keep trying for success. Moreover, do not only emphasize getting the highest achievement like A grade other or fixed qualities instead appreciate and praise their attitude and progressive behavior even if it is to a minimum extent.

Right praises always motivate your child to put more effort into things, become goal-oriented and try harder to succeed.

Bring out the best in your child! Confidence is the key to success

Improve your confidence

A confident parent can bring a confident child. It is important that as a parent you work on improving your confidence level. It is a thing that has to be done on an everyday routine, not over a night. If you are enriched with this wealth, only then you will be able to pass this to your child, since we discussed in our last article that kids are the reflection of their parents. So, repair your own confidence if necessary.

Ask your kid for their advice 

When you ask your child for their advice in situations that are suitable for them, it gives them a message that even elders need help and opinions sometimes when needed. And it is okay to ask for help and advice. Aside it will show that you value them and their ideas. 

Spend quality time together 

Reserve some time for your child out of your busy work routine. It is one of the best things to show them love and acceptance. It is a great idea to go out to dinner with them, play games, and do activities that your child enjoys most with you. Recreational activities with your child are also one of the components to boost their confidence.  

Apart from all the above, give them undivided attention. Since children are sensitive, they quickly recognize that your mind is not completely with them. Keep your electronic gadgets away for some time and set your work thoughts aside for a while and give them your total attention as they want. Give them physical affection and love from time to time.

After all, your kids are the most precious gift of God, valuing and caring for them can bring the best out of them!

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