Hey parents! The holiday season is near and we all wait for it the whole year. The winter festivity is the most exciting time of the year for all of us. Here we teach kids the importance of giving to others this season by following the same practice. Giving little presents to our little ones is a lovely simple formula that makes them feel special and loved.

Holiday Season is near - Teach your Children's the importance of giving - Little bo peep Daycare

The main reason for this little practice is to teach our cute angles that how happy someone feels when you give a little attention and little gifts. The season is thus important in this aspect i.e., it is the best time to teach children about the importance of giving to others.

But older children are keen to give to others since they understand the concept however, younger children take some time to understand the idea as they enjoy receiving more than giving. Kids think that the holiday season is the time to get presents and the latest toys only. But with simple ways, you can change their thinking. Parents can speak to their children about how they feel when someone they like gives them a present and how amazing that feeling is to become a reason for this happiness and excitement. It is the simplest way through which children learn compassion, kindness, and generosity and so they understand that their act of giving will be appreciated with lots of love, which will ultimately set their emotions on pride throughout their life.

Takeout some time this season and practice this activity with your children they love, ask your child for a better selection according to his interest. Giving to others can be in different ways other than gifts, if your child likes to help you with cooking, make some cookies with his help to give to the nearest fire station. If he enjoys drawing, help him draw a greeting card or painting for a senior center moreover, if he likes gardening or plants, help him pot a plant and make it a gift. Such simple volunteer practices with children during holidays will teach them that personalized activities are more appreciated, and that money is not necessary to make someone happy. Sometimes spending quality time with someone they love is the most precious gift.

In this upcoming holiday season, teach your children the significance of giving rather than just receiving. This act will foster kindness and happiness in your children, and they will grow as happier adults with a sense of compassion. This is the best gift that parents can give to their children for their whole life.