When Toddlers Start Exploring Home – Try These Tips

Seeing your kid taking their first step is an unmatchable joy, but sooner they become explorers of your house, and you might not want to see everything displaced. As much as seeing their little activities around the house is joyful, the same way, precautionary measures should be taken to keep your toddlers and home safe. It is a time for them to learn things and explore since you cannot forbid them from everything anyway. 

Kids need extra care when they enter this phase, running, jumping, and climbing at the places in the house becomes their hobby. The kids feel free and happy when you let your kids enjoy every in-house activity. Considering some areas in your house, try these tips to toddler-proof your home.

Tips to follow When Toddlers Start Exploring Home !

When Toddlers Start Exploring Home !

The Kitchen

Your kitchen may be the most favorite place for your toddlers since it is full of interesting stuff. You may have noticed that kids play more with household things and tools instead of their toys. So, use Adhesive or magnetic baby safety locks to keep the lower cabinets safe. Besides, keep matchboxes or lighters away from their reach. Avoid using front burners to prevent any mishap since kids may attract to the fire and can try to catch it.

Similarly, place the boiling liquids and hot food away from the edges of counters and dining tables. Moreover, if you want to encourage your child and familiarizing them with kitchen and cleaning tasks, you may store some toddler-safe dishes, bowls, spoons, and cups in the lower cabinets and drawers. You can ask them to bring dishes and spoons to the dining table and perform other minor tasks to support their independent attitude.

Keep Windows latched

Windows screen probably may not be enough to prevent your kids from falling you must keep them lock all the time. Besides, avoid keeping furniture to the sides of the fence, balcony, and windows. The window covering cords may risk entangling kids tragically, and hence the Child-safe window treatments can be helpful for better safety. 

Keep Doors Locked 

Kids may sneak and escape outside alone to enjoy the surroundings however keeping the doors locked all the time is the best way to prevent such activity. Especially the doors of garages and basements should be considered carefully as they are highly-risked places. Besides fireplaces, the kitchen and the staircases can be sealed through a wall-mounted baby gate.

Backyard and Pool area

Ensure that there aren’t any toxic plants in the backyard or garden, and If so, replace them immediately since toddlers are sensitive. Besides, if you have a pool in your house, consider it covering with a child safety pool cover. 

Precious Objects

Since you have ensured the safety of your house, here comes the turn of expensive items in your house, bedroom, or guest room. Do not place electronic gadgets near the reach of children especially, smartphones and charging devices.

Besides, you can put glass and other showpiece items safe in a storeroom for the time being until your toddlers start knowing things since they are toddlers only once. You may not like the mess, but raising the child is the real challenge and a test of your patience and love. 

Other than toddler proofing, childproofing is equally important and should be considered according to the age group of children.

As the kids grow, they may develop different habits, and you should be thinking ahead in advance. Because when you start planning things and taking measures on time, you may miss out on the details as you are already too busy taking care of your toddler. 

The above tips may only minimize the risk of serious hazards however, the need for supervision is still necessary to take good care of children. They are super-fast, quick learners, and unpredictable in some situations. Hence only parents can control such risks and unwanted events instantly. 

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