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Toddlers (18-24 months)


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25 Seats

Age Required:

18-24 months


Our Toddlers Programme gives your child plenty of development and exploration opportunities. We provide a safe and nurturing atmosphere for your child to discover new interests, make new friends, and feel good about themselves. Through our training, your kid will build self-esteem and group membership. The teacher will maintain a daily pattern to give kids predictability and success. It includes activities that showcase ideas, skills, and fun. Each child in this class will learn to follow a routine and schedule at the same pace.

Toddlers will learn more complicated art projects, colouring pages, and physical games as they grow. They’ll be encouraged to expand their verbal and intellectual horizons, play more independently, and learn social and cooperative skills via group activities. The shift from infancy to early childhood, when children are too young to potty train, can be difficult for everyone. Children start walking, learn coordination and balance, grow more aware of their surroundings, and develop a feeling of wonder. They utilize a few words and associate names with objects.

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