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Daily Schedule

Each classroom has a daily schedule based on their age, we will patiently teach each student a routine to follow alongside the rest of his/her classmates. Routine is good for kids as they begin to understand time and time management. They learn how to focus on one thing at a time, and how to transition to another with ease. Our schedule starts from the beginning of the day to the last moment they are at our center.


Weekly Curriculum

Our staff creates a weekly curriculum for the year. Each day is different so our students never have the same activity again, it is based on their daily schedule and their age. A curriculum helps teachers intentionally use activities to teach specific skills. A weekly curriculum would consist of activities that addresses all areas of child development which are Social Emotional, Cognitive, Language, Literacy, Physical Health, Math, Science and Gross Motor.



Certified Infant/Child CPR & FIRST AID:  Our entire Little Bo Peep Team is CPR & FIRST AID Certified. Our staff is prepared for any emergency, and have received the proper training to provide CPR and/or First Aid.


Clear Background Checks

Each one of our Employees has been cleared on any Criminal History, Background check and fingerprint are checked before training begins to ensure you that your child will be in the safest hands.


Annual Training

Our Little Bo Peep Team goes through an Annual Training, and monthly meetings to enhance their Teaching Skills. This training helps them receive new information and tools to provide a higher childcare quality.


Transportation to and from school in the local area

Our staff are certified and trained on giving safe transportation to our students attending school. We provide transportation to schools in our community in the HISD District and some in the Katy ISD. Parents can choose if they need transportation for their child(ren) back and forth or only in the morning or afternoon.


Before and After School Program

Our Before and After school program consists of morning and afternoon activities for school aged students, which include homework help and outdoor activities. Class will start off in the early morning with a healthy breakfast before being drop-off to their assigned school. And later we will pick-up students for our After-School Program and provide activities until parents arrive.


Homework Help

For our “Schoolers” Program our Teachers will provide help on homework for those students that need it. It could be from math, science, reading, english and more our teacher will always be prepared to help students do their homework.


Potty Training

Starting at 2 years old our staff is trained to do potty training, by keeping a routine and teaching kids to be independent when going to the restroom. Our goal is always to have them ready by the time they turn 3, but we understand that each child is different and there can be some accidents when older.


Free Meals

The Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) helps us provide our students 4 healthy free meals ( Breakfast , Lunch, PM Snack and Supper). Everyday all meals are different based on our 4-Week menu which is approved by the CACFP.

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