Impacts of Superheroes on Children

Almost every child watches their favorite TV show and gets inspired by their favorite characters. The trend of superheroes among children is common these days they idealize and admire superheroes for their supernatural powers. 

Superheroes are fictional characters with superpowers that protect the world and innocents. Superheroes are costumed in a way having a unique identity, and thus not only children but youngsters aspire to them too and copy them. 

Parents should know the impacts of superheroes on children as they may like the one. Your child’s favorite superhero is a part of their developmental stage and plays an important role. 

Superheroes Teach Children Values

Superheroes have extraordinary qualities like super speed, laser vision, great strength, ability to fly, courage, intelligence, high morals, and trained to fight. They help children become better individuals because of their inspirational qualities. Children, therefore, get inspired by superheroes and idealize them.  

Superheroes have many positive and negative impacts, let us have a look at the following to understand the interest of your child.

They are role model

Children get influenced by their favorite characters they follow their behavior, attire, attitude, and ethics. It is a good sign that children have a role model that helps in developing better qualities. Superheroes act as role models and teach children the best attributes like honesty, courage, virtue, sense of responsibility, humility, fighting spirit, and leadership. For example, Superman is the strongest, that he can rule the world, yet he chooses to help people and works as a reporter for his earnings. It is a great example of humility that children can follow in real life.

Superheroes develop confidence

Superheroes are confident they are firm to face any challenge in the world, so children seeing them set their belief that nothing is impossible, develops self-confidence in children. If your child is reserved, quiet, and introverted, then maybe the fantastic world of superheroes can help him boost his confidence and lift his morale.

Superheroes teach empathy

Superheroes help the innocent and needy they protect them, which tells children that compassion is the inner virtue and admired by everyone. The children knowing this trait can learn the importance of helping needy, weak, and innocent people. Thus, superheroes teach empathy and compassion to children.   

They teach integrity

Superheroes choose the right way and follow the right path. They fight for justice and ethics, which again teaches children to differentiate between right and wrong. Superheroes teach children to choose righteousness and motivate their brighter side.

They teach that anyone can bring the revolution 

Every superhero has a normal life apart from the superhuman life. This shows children that anyone can be a superhero, and individuals can make a difference in the world. Following the super can also help your children in getting out of the anxiety and fear (if they have such issues).

They teach collaboration

Superheroes teach children teamwork, aside from superhuman qualities, they have one thing in common which is teamwork. For example, Justice League, Fantastic Four, X-Men, and Avengers all have superpowers, but they work as a team. They respect each other’s abilities and opinions, and with mutual discussion, they work towards a common goal.

Superheroes teach determination and courage 

Despite odds, superheroes keep moving towards their goal, no matter what difficulty they face. The Iron man is a perfect example of it he goes alone in the wormhole with a missile to destroy the alien raiders. The act shows that he is courageous and has the willpower to achieve his goal even if the odds are against him. Children get inspiration from them in dealing with everyday challenges they face as they grow. 

Superheroes teach sacrifice 

All superheroes fight against injustices and save the world without caring about themselves. They all are selfless and work for the greater good together. Hence, they teach children that sacrificing yourself for the greater good is the best virtue. Children idealizing superheroes can learn this and become selfless and generous.

They encourage children to make healthier life choices

Superheroes are powerful, fight against evil, children follow them and want to be strong like them. Thus, they are motivated to make healthier choices and follow their lifestyles like exercise, food, and dressing-up. 

Negative effects of Superheroes

As we discussed the positive effects and impacts of superheroes on children, they probably have negative impacts too. You can help your child in adopting the right abilities if you know the negative effects of superheroes. 

Children can try harmful Stunts

When children copy superheroes, they copy their stunts too. They do not understand that movies have well-planned artificially captured scenes and extreme fighting stunts are virtual. Therefore, children are at risk of serious injuries they can try risky actions like high jumps, playing with hazardous or sharp tools, and climbing with speed. All these actions can put children at risk of injury.

Children may start living in a Fantasy 

Since superheroes are fictional characters, their imaginary world is full of excitement. Children fascinate by their world and imagine themselves as a part of it. The growing children can imagine and learn things quickly, they start believing that the fantastic world of superheroes is real. So seemingly, it can deform the concept of reality in children.

Superheroes can develop a superiority complex

Just as children may start believing the virtual world of superheroes, similarly, they can start developing an extraordinary sense of self. They may imagine themselves in superhero character and thus compare themselves superior to others.

Children can adopt furious behaviors 

In fictional movies of superheroes, they show so much violence. Children watching such movies may easily adopt their violent behavior. They can be furious about little things and start believing that violence is correct to achieve some targets. 

Superheroes can bring anger to Children

Many superheroes show anger at their enemies or in some situations that they do not like, especially the Hulk says: “That’s my secret, Cap: I’m always angry. “Children idealize superheroes, they believe that their actions and behavior are also right for them. So, children can indulge in aggression seeing their superhero acting like that. 

Not all superhero movies are child-friendly

It is to consider that not all superhero movies are child-friendly. Some of it has adult content, and parents do not realize that. Children have impressionable minds, and those movies may not be good for them.

The positive impacts of superheroes on children are far more than its negative effects. Superheroes are good for the healthy development of your child, but be known to your child’s behavior and attitude, obsessing with superheroes may seriously harm them. So, parents need to tell their children about good and bad behavior and draw the line to follow their interest in superheroes. 

It is also necessary to aware your children of the fictional world of the superheroes, and that following the abilities of superheroes is more important than the persona. It is not always necessary to wear superhero costumes, caps, and shirts, and it is also not possible to have superhuman powers in the real world. 

In the end, you would love to see them playing a superhero, keep a tab on their actions and behavior to assure that they are safe. 

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